sciatica painSciatica Pain

If you suffer from the debilitating symptoms of sciatica pain, Progressive Chiropractic can offer new hope for sciatica pain with safe, fast results without dangerous, ineffective drugs and surgery.


Sciatica refers to pain along the Sciatic Nerve. Symptoms typically include a burning or tingling sensation that runs from the lower back and hip down the backside of the leg. Sciatica can cause muscle spasm or weakness as well as loss of circulation. Symptoms of sciatica are usually worse when sitting, bending, lifting or coughing. At Progressive Chiropractic we have treated numerous patients very successfully for sciatic pain.


Identifying sciatic pain is only the first step in treating this painful condition. Proper diagnosis of the cause is where most medical offices fail. The sciatic nerves originate from the individual lower spinal and sacral nerve roots. These nerve roots can be impinged or irritated by misalignment and malfunction of the spinal vertebrae leading to pain and dysfunction (Subluxation). Degeneration and herniation of the disc as well muscle spasm or muscle laxity, especially of the periformis muscle, can also be major contributors to sciatica.


Our Progressive System of Care uses a comprehensive approach to first identify the cause of the sciatic pain, as well as any co-factors, which may inhibit recovery. In most cases Physical Therapy Modalities such as ice, moist heat, and electrical stimulation, ultrasound and massage are employed to reduce swelling, pain and muscle hypertension/spasm. When the patient is comfortable and is ready Chiropractic adjustments are delivered. These specific adjustments restore proper function, alignment and nerve transmission, to the areas of the spine that exhibit subluxation. If degenerative discs or herniations are found to be a cause of the sciatica pain, spinal disc decompression is used. By tractioning the spine disc bulging or herniation can be reduced relieving the nerve impingement or irritation and thus reducing pain. At Progressive Chiropractic we have seen tremendous success with these cases, even when surgery was prescribed by Orthopedics.

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