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The comprehensive Progressive System of Care combines Chiropractic Care. Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and Nutritional Counseling to resolve your health issues from every angle.
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Are Your Headaches Misdiagnosed?

Recently, a young lady “Miss Jane” came to my office with severe, daily migraine headaches. As we reviewed her situation

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Why Is Staying Adjusted So Important?

Recently one of our regular maintenance patients was involved in a very serious automobile accident.  The car was totally destroyed

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Cleansing The Body (Caffeine)

Recently I was feeling tired and off my healthy track.  As usual I saw my Chiropractor first and then made

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Populer Chiropractic Services

Below is the list of popular services with % in USA

Chiropractic care is an exciting and varied field in healthcare that is proven to be a highly effective and safe method of treating back, neck and shoulder problems.

Our Clinic specialises in providing chiropractic care and helping improve the overall general health and well-being of patients who suffer from musculoskeletal issues.

Diversified Chiropractic 90%
McTimoney Chiropractic 57%
Digital Spine Scans and Posture Analysis 80%
Sports Chiropractic and Sports Massage Therapy 70%
Orthotics 68%

Why choose Our Clinic?

Are you looking for a dedicated chiropractor to help you treat your back pain?

We are a unique and committed practice that offers a range of chiropractic techniques that will suit all of our patients. Do not carry on suffering with back pain we will help you understand your symptoms and will prevent them from causing more discomfort in the future. Prevention is better than cure!


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