chiropractic adjustmentsChiropractic Spinal Adjustments

The most important service our office can provide is the Chiropractic spinal adjustments to remove subluxation. The loss of alignment and proper motion of the spine causes impingement and interference to the nervous system. This “Subluxation” can affect all functions of the body. Some symptoms of subluxation can include; Sciatica, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Migraine Headaches, Tension Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Muscle Spasm, and a variety of general health problems.


Dr Ranzette has studied most of the reliable, proven techniques that are available to Chiropractors in practice today. They include:

Thompson Drop Table, Gonstead, Diversified, Cox Flexion Distraction, Activator,

Bio-Physics, Toggle Release, S.O.T., Peirce Stillwagon,

As well as non-spinal Extremity Adjusting

Physical Therapy

In order to gain the benefits of the Chiropractic adjustment with minimal discomfort to the patient, our doctor’s approach is to reduce any pain and inflammation through the use of physical therapies.  By using therapies such as electric stimulation, moist heat, ice, ultrasound and massage the patient’s pain and inflammation are reduced allowing the doctor to adjust the cause with minimal force, greater comfort and longer lasting effect.

For patients with debilitating degenerative disc conditions, our doctors use a variety of traction techniques and equipment.  Traction to decompress a degenerative or herniated disc can be a very effective treatment.

Dr. Ranzette also believes strongly that in order to correct and maintain the alignment of the body the patient needs to be instructed in specific therapeutic stretches and exercises.  With proper instruction our patients are able to take control of their future and avoid new injuries while living fuller more active lives.

Extremity Adjustments

Patients with non-spinal problems find great relief with our doctors extremity treatments to the feet, knees, shoulders and wrists.  The combination of joint manipulation/alignment, deep tissue therapy and rehabilitative exercises bring shockingly successful results.  All joints need alignment, mobility and nutrition to remain healthy.

Massage Therapy

Many Chiropractors have a massage therapist but only with the PROGRESSIVE SYSTEM does the patient visit with the MT each and every visit to address specific areas of muscle spasm and myopathy.  Our MT is also available, outside of office hours, for 30, 60, and 90 minute private sessions.