What Our Patients Say



I began seeing Dr. Ranzette a few years ago for pains in my lower back and neck. His treatments have helped immensely and I’m very happy with my progress. You can tell that he cares a lot about your health on every level and he has stayed engaged with me to help me change over to a healthier lifestyle. Much better than my last chiropractor who just wanted to crack my back, take my money, and kick me out the door. Dr. Ranzette’s personality is one of a kind and might be difficult for some people to get at first, but you’ll be glad you stuck with him if you do.
Brandon Naughton


Voltaire said, Men who are occupied in the restoration of health to other men, by the joint exertion of skill and humanity, are above all the great of the earth. They even partake of divinity, since to preserve and renew is almost as noble as to create.

Dr. Ranzette is one of these men! He is an extremely knowledgeable, competent and highly intelligent doctor. He provides comprehensive services and is never too busy to answer questions. I highly recommend him!

Maria Maulbeck


I have been to chiropractors since I was 10 years old. Over the years, I have had quite a few and I will say that Dr. Ranzette is one of the best. He helps you with exercises and will even show you how to do them. Having been diagnosed with migraines and scoliosis at a young age, having somebody that takes the time to look into my aches and pains as I have them and is always willing to get me in whenever I need it. His staff are an awesome bonus and I absolutely look forward to saying hi and catching up every time I go in. I have a solid treatment plan with Dr. Ranzette with set out goals and things to work on as time goes on. Honestly, I truly recommend him to everyone. I also don’t have an insurance that covers my care, so his affordable treatments is huge for my family.

Andrea Harrell


Dr. Ranzette and staff are amazing at what they do! I’ve been under their care for years due to neck and back injuries, as well as a moderate shoulder injury from a 2015 accident and I am getting better all the time. Keep it up, Progressive team! ūüėÄ

Alicia Boyd


I had been bothered by lower back pain for years. Dr. Ranzette swiftly identified the root of the problem and carried out an effective and efficient process that has swiftly lead to some much needed improvement. He is phenomenal. However, the greatness of the experience can only be completed with the acknowledgement of the friendliness, professionalism, and welcoming nature of his staff. You all are awesome. Thank you all!!

Jay Short


I have never met a Doctor that is more knowledgeable about the human body and how it functions in my life or a Dr. that is genuinely concerned about your well-being than Dr. Ranzette! If you are looking for a Chiropractor look no further. Great staff, friendly atmosphere. New Body!

Donna Smith


I used to get headaches all the time. I tried giving up caffeine, drinking more water, and getting more sleep, but nothing I tried got rid of the headaches. After starting a treatment plan with Dr. Ranzette, my headaches completely went away. His approach is comprehensive. He takes the time to show you exercises and stretches that will help the adjustments last longer, and he provides feedback to help improve posture and promote a healthy lifestyle. He really cares about making you feel better long term. I highly recommend him.

Katherine Resler


Progressive is a great choice for your chiropractic-related issues. Dr. Ranzette and the staff are very capable, professional, and down-to-earth. Upon my first visit, Dr. Ranzette was able to diagnose the source of my lower back problems and give me lots of info surrounding the causes and ‘cure’. He set me up with a program that both acknowledged my own schedule and budget while honestly speaking to the commitment that would be needed to remedy my pain and build strength around my vulnerable vertebrae. Progressive Chiropractic works to see more than just a ‘quick fix’ for its clients; they work hard to inform their clients and set them up for long-term vitality. Give them a try!

Jordan Heijermans


I am very pleased to give Dr. Ranzette my highest recommendation. Choosing a chiropractor is a very personal decision. I appreciate his no-nonsense attitude toward my well being. His accommodating staff and VERY convenient location are just icing on the cake.
Thomas Freridge

I can remember exactly when I started seeing Dr. Ranzette. but it was before 2003. I was very hesitant to see a chiropractor ( I was old school). But I was in so much back pain. Meeting and working with him has helped me in more than one way. He has helped alleviate my back and neck pain. He assisted me in my rehabilitation after back surgery. He has taught me self care, nutrition, and about supplements. He is very knowledgeable as a Chiropractor and I highly recommend him. If you need a great Chiropractor look no further!

Holly Parker


After going to a different chiropractor where I was just a number and a payment, it’s refreshing to go to Dr. Ranzette He genuinely cares about his patients and will go out of his way to accommodate his them. I’ve been a regular patient of his for over 2 years now and my health has improved immensely with less migraine headaches and less pain and stiffness. I have had nothing but the best experience there. I would highly recommend him to anyone.If you are considering Chiropractic treatment, please give Progressive Chiropractic a try. Dr Ranzette and his staff are exceptional and provide a high level of care you will not find in other Chiropractic offices.

Kathleen Rudeck


If you are considering Chiropractic treatment, please give Progressive Chiropractic a try. Dr Ranzette and his staff are exceptional and provide a high level of care you will not find in other Chiropractic offices.
I have a been a patient for over 10 years and am sold on both the benefit of Chiropractic and especially Dr. Ranzette.

Pete Schultz


Every visit is enjoyable, professional and service is fast. The team at progressive chiropractic makes you feel at home and they always greet you with a smile. Dr. Ranzette is knowledgeable in his craft and gives great advice to help you get back on track to great health. All around great service. Highly recommend their services.

Natonia Clay


“Growing up the son of a Chiropractor I had regular adjustments and with a good diet and exercise had great health! As I have gotten older and the body isn’t working like it used to I began having more and more pain. I’m very glad I was referred to Dr. Ranzetti. He has a complete plan for recovery from my knee, ankle, low back¬†and ¬†my neck for which I had surgery. I feel better and better with each visit!!! Thanks Doc!!!

Rob Ryan


“I have been seeing Dr. Ranzette for several years now. ¬†I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and other musculo-skeletal issues for which I suffered from a lot of pain and movement problems. ¬†Dr. Ranzette spent time with me during visits and taking his own time to teach me how to stretch properly. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me. ¬†Between the adjustments, massage, therapy and stretching I can move much better and my pain is greatly reduced.”

Tina Detbarn 


“I had been going to another DC for some time but never seemed to get any better.¬† My brother, who has serious low back issues told me about Dr. Ranzette and how much more he did for him.¬† I made an appointment the next day.¬† He was right!¬† Just from the exam I could tell the difference.¬† He showed me my xrays and explained how it all worked and what needed to be done in a way that made more sense then the other DC and MD combined.¬† I’ve been a patient for 5 years now and considering my job I’m still amazed at how good he keeps me feeling.¬† It’s true, his Progressive System is different and works!!”

Tom Ebmier


“I hurt my back very severely at work to the point I needed a walker to stand. ¬†I was a bit skeptical about Chiropractors but a friend convinced me Dr. Ranzette could help. ¬†The x-rays showed several degenerative discs in my lower back with arthritis. ¬†Dr. Ranzette was very honest that it was not an easy case but he felt confident we had a good shot at getting me back in shape. ¬†I’m happy to say he was right. ¬†I was off the walker in one week and the cane a week after that. ¬†Dr. Ranzette really spent time with me, like no other doctor before, and I’m back at work and doing great. ¬†He really made me realize that being in my 60s doesn’t mean I have to give up.

I have recommended him to my friends because I know he cares and gives 120%.”

Mr. Hayth


“I had been having shoulder issues for a long time. ¬†I gradually lost movement to the point I could not raise my arm above my shoulder. ¬†The pain was severe especially at night if I rolled on to it. ¬†The pain would wake me from a dead sleep. ¬†I had seen Dr. Ranzette years ago for my back pain and on my wife’s urging I went back. ¬†Dr. Ranzette’s exam was very thorough and his diagnosis made complete sense. ¬†He explained how the mechanics of the neck, upper back, shoulder and arm were linked and to treat it we needed to address them all. ¬†It took some weeks but after 6 or 8 weeks I was back using my arm and shoulder with no pain. ¬†I now do the stretch and exercises he prescribed and continue to see improvements. I should mention to medical answer was an expensive MRI and possible surgery.

You won’t find a better doctor!!”

Jack Dise 


“For¬†the past 2 years I have been having pain down my leg that at times would prevent me from doing anything.¬† I went to an MD, Orthopedist Neurologist, Chiropractor¬†and had an MRI that showed a degenerative disc at L5.¬† After drugs and steroids, that did nothing, they were talking surgery, a friend gave me Dr. Ranzette’s card.¬† I told him I¬†tried¬†Chiropractic, but he insisted that Dr. Ranzette was not like most DCs.¬† I figured I would give him a try.

After explaining, in great detail how my spine worked and what we needed to do to reverse the damage, we began treatment.  The results were amazing.  After three weeks my pain was 90% gone and I could move and bend like I had not in years.  It is the way Dr. Ranzette treats ALL the components of the problem with adjustments, massage, physical therapy and stretch classes that  is so different from the other DC I saw.

It has now been 10 months and I have not had any significant pain in¬†the last 6 months.¬† I have learned how important my spines maintenance is and do my best at home and work to use good posture and ergonomics and to get adjusted regularly.¬† The most important thing I’ve learned is¬†the way¬†I look at how my body works and how t fix it.”

John Benner


“I injured my hip and back while raising a trailer tailgate. A week later I had shooting pain from my hip to my calf and could not stand up straight. I was unable to sleep or even put on my clothes because the pain was so intense. I went to my medical doctor and was perscribed heavy pain medication and then two days later ended up in the emergency room. They gave me a shot but results were still the same. I had no relief from the pain and my range of movement did not improve. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Ranzette and I made an appointment. He took x rays and treated my back and hip with electrical stimulation, ice, theraputic massage and spinal adjustments. Within one day I was in minimal pain and three days later I was feeling completely normal and standing straight up! Dr. Ranzette explained how the spine effects the entire body and I learned so much about taking care of my spine. He really knows what he is doing and is wonderful… he really cares!”

Cyndy Bateman


“I had suffered from migraine headaches for years and the headaches were debilitating to the point of interrupting my daily activities. I had tried every over the counter pain reliever and several prescription medications with little relief. I saw an ad for Dr. Ranzette and made an appointment. Since then my headaches have become less frequent and less intense. I also have greater mobility in my neck and learned the importance of practicing good posture and daily stretching. All of this has lead to having a healthier spine. Dr. Ranzette provides informative brochures and thoroughly explains all procedures and concerns about Chiropractic. I would suggest anyone to go see Dr. Ranzette for Chiropractic care.”

Sara Dias