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Dr. Ranzette

Dr. Ranzette’s Road to Chiropractic

Dr. Ranzette has been interested in health for most of his life. At age 16, while bicycling to school in his home town of Wantagh, NY, he was broad sided by a car. To the doctors at the hospital, his injuries seemed minor. A simple diagnosis of “contusion to the knee” and “strained medial collateral ligament” was given. He was sent home with prescriptions for anti inflammatory and pain medications. After the soft cast was removed, and the swelling had subsided, he was released from medical care.

It was over the next 2 years that Dr. Ranzette began experiencing increasing symptoms including knee, hip and low back pain with frequent headaches that eventually became debilitating migraines. The orthopedic doctor prescribed numerous medications which eventually lead to a two day hospitalization for stomach bleeding. Then one day his lower back locked up with excruciating pain. At that time Dr. Ranzette made the decision that drugs were not the answer and he demanded something different.

On visiting a local Chiropractor it was found that he had multiple spinal and pelvic misalignment’s leading to subluxation. His Chiropractor also found numerous muscular imbalances requiring physical therapy, thus beginning the long road to regaining his health.

After just three weeks of care his lower back and hip pain were 75% improved. To Dr. Ranzette’s amazement the adjustments to his neck also relieved his migraines, for which he had been told he would be on a drug called “Inderol” indefinitely. It was with the logical and common sense approach to the mechanical problems of his body that Dr. Ranzette became a firm believer in Chiropractic care.

Wanting to share these amazing results with others, Dr. Ranzette decided to attend Chiropractic college – and six years later he graduated from Life University .

Many people are not aware that a Chiropractor’s education is equivalent and in many areas exceeds that of a medical doctor. These are just a few of the courses that Dr. Ranzette had to complete to earn a doctorate in Chiropractic:

Microbiology, General Anatomy , Neurology, Osteology, Disease Pathology, Exercise Physiology, Neuro-Muscular Physiology, Biomechanics, Orthopedic Diagnosis, Neurological Diagnosis, Immunology & Disease, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Geriatrics& Pediatric Assessment, X-Ray Physics, X-Ray Pathology, Nutrition.

After graduating in 1999 Dr. Ranzette moved to Virginia Beach to start his own practice. Dr. Ranzette has worked tirelessly in refining and expanding his treatment protocols in an effort to make Progressive Chiropractic the best Chiropractic office in Virginia Beach. As a practicing Doctor, Dr. Ranzette has attended numerous post-graduate seminarsĀ on a variety of health topics. It is this continuing education that allows Dr. Ranzette to provide his patients with the latest and most comprehensive treatment available.